1. Listen to what they say no matter how weird it is
  2. When they are talking, have an open mind to what they are telling you. People often have many core beliefs and when you talk to people if they disagree with you, you might be upset with them. Don't.
  3. It's important that you remember what they say so you can listen without interrupting and you can ask them questions when they have stopped talking
  4. Be very honest with yourself and them, no matter what, because it's your duty to those you care about not to keep secrets and lie to them
  5. Be very communicative. If you want something try to ask for it in a non-offensive way
  6. Don't push them to be someone they are not or accuse them of things directly you don't have evidence of.
    Personally I think it's fine if there's no communication to try to figure out what's going on by coming up with accusations, and talking to friends and your therapist about it but clearly this isn't helping anyone. Communication is very important.
  7. Don't be afraid of love.
  8. Don't be afraid of yourself.
  9. Don't be afraid of the future.