I work in an Apple reseller store in paradise and I get to see all sorts of Apple related issues with happy vacationers turned sad because of mishaps they have with their iPhones, iPads and laptops. This list goes out to you!
  1. Know your Apple ID and password
    Sounds silly that I need mention this first but that is the first question we ask when trying to triage someone's iPhone or iPad problem and half the time nobody knows what it is. Apple ID's are created with your primary email address. Apple ID passwords can be reset using your primary email so be sure you can at least commit to memory your primary email's password. Gmail and Yahoo emails prove the best for recovery purposes if you are creating a new Apple ID.
  2. Are your vacation and family photos you take using your iPhone and iPad worth 99 cents to you?
    I've seen it hundreds of times, anxious travelers freaking out cuz they just went swimming in the ocean with their phone and I always ask "Did you have your device backed up to the cloud?" Apple gives 5GB free iCloud storage and has great pricing on cloud storage. The people who say "yes" to cloud backup always give a sigh of relief when they answer this question. The people who answer "no" usually end up in tears.
  3. AppleCare +
    AppleCare + costs a one time fee of $99 and gives your iPhone or iPad an additional year of warranty and up to two incidents (taking it for a swim in the ocean or driving over it with your rental Jeep) over the two years it's in warranty and for only a $79 deductible you get your device replaced by Apple. Say NO to your carriers' insurance and YES to AppleCare + because it's better math in the end. Your carrier will fight you but stand strong and insist upon AppleCare +.
  4. Restore
    Your mobile devices are subject to all sorts of code over time with all the iOS updates. Once in a while they just need to be erased and restored back to factory settings in order to get it back to normal working order. Yet another reason to always be backing up to iCloud. Backing up regularly makes it easy to restore from time to time and never be interrupted too long if an update goes awry (which can cause the need to restore your device).
  5. Apple gets all their $$ from you upfront.
    Bogus products disguising themselves as Mac products float about the Internet calling themselves things like Mackeeper, Mackleaner, Macreviver, etc are NOT Apple. Apple will never ask you for money down the road in keeping you safe from viruses. As long as you never say yes to the aforementioned Mac phonies and never click on "update your Adobe flash player" when surfing YouTube videos (your Mac computer doesn't come with Adobe products) you will never have a problem.