Highly critical.
  1. 04/16/17
    Had an upset stomach today. Took a nap. Went hiking with some friends. Was unexpectedly sweaty. Ate some provolone wedges. Had some laughs. 7/10.
  2. 04/17/17
    Mediocre. The tailor was closed, so I wasted a stellar face of makeup. My hair was cute, too. Did some raking. Went on a run. Had two ice-cream floats. Got sad. Thought about death. The works. 5/10.
  3. 04/18/17
    Bad. Very poor. Woke up late, didn't eat breakfast. Blood sugar was low. Anxiety was high. I went to Cosmetology class and sat on the floor and contemplated death. Then I went home and couldn't fall asleep well enough to take a nap. 3/10.
  4. 04/19/17
    Technically yesterday, as I type. Bad. Poor. Only slightly better than yesterday. Ran out of Adderall, not that it helped past my energy and focus. Vyvanse starts tomorrow (technically today). Hope it's better. Want to die. Started that 13 Reasons Why show, and it's corny. 4/10.