Looking back on the last year I grabbed ten photos / highlights randomly and compiled this list. Here's to 2016 and trying new things.
  1. Finally tucking the motorcycles away for the winter - had a nice little ride around the parking garage until we had to put the covers on and say goodbye till spring.
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  2. Outside the JFK museum in Boston this fall. One of the coolest museums I've ever seen. There were a ton of things I didn't know about him. A very honourable man.
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  3. Watching the shoot for Matty Matheson's cookbook outside of Parts & Labour. The photos were taken by Paul Labonté an excellent photographer, writer & director from Montreal.
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  4. Trying to eat better this year but man are these Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps ever good. If you haven't tried them, go grab a pack and enjoy.
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  5. The best view I've ever had on a treadmill. This is taken from on top of the Fairmont Hotel in Boston. Likely the fanciest gym I'll ever be allowed in.
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  6. Visiting Europe for the first time with Babette and Tynan (Vogue Dots). This was taken way too early in the morning on the way to sound check in Berlin.
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  7. This is the lobby of the TKO Lawyers / Last Gang Entertainment offices in Toronto. It is currently the HQ for People's Champ Management - They're a really great bunch of people who are super welcoming to everyone they encounter.
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  8. This was taken by Omar just after taking Ben's Honda Shadow for a quick ride the first weekend we bought it. I bought my motorcycle a week later.
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  9. Working with Dave, Tyler and Cam on a couple ideas. This year has allowed me to follow my instinct on ideas and be free from anything holding me back. I'm truly thankful for that change.
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  10. This was taken in our drive way with Elysia posing on my new bike. We moved in together this year and it's been the best choice I've made in a longtime.
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