Pet Peeves @ Work

we all have them.
  1. The lady who's been there forever, knows everything about the job, nothing about life
  2. People who take the elevator up 1 floor. Get some exercise and take the stairs
  3. Being interrupted at lunch. Don't you see I'm eating here.
  4. Procrastinators
  5. When ur boss needs u to do something at 4:29 and you get off at 4:30.
  6. People who are messy and bring in food from home for you to try. No thanks.
  7. That one person who holds up the meeting by asking dumb questions.
  8. When ur Uber is late and u gotta be at a meeting across town.
  9. People forcing family photos upon you. I just don't care enough about u to look at them.
  10. $10.00 a day for lunch.