Albums That Changed My Life...💽

  1. Music Box - Mariah Carey
    First album I ever got and still one of my all time favorites. Literally her vocals were and still are untouchable here.
  2. The Bodyguard Soundtrack
    Tracks 1-6 were my life.
  3. Toni Braxton
    Her debut was perfection. Amazing time for R&B, nothing like it since.
  4. Ray Of Light
    Madonna most personal album at the time. Different, lyrically amazing and fantastic videos
  5. Butterfly
    Mariah Carey's Opus, changed my life forever. Such a special time in my life and in hers. The videos were visually stunning, the lyrics were like poetry and the vocals! YAS GAWD!
  6. The Velvet Rope
    Janet absolutely SLAYED it on this album. She dealt with homosexuality, lots of sex and again amazing videos. The sound was retro and current all at once. Amazing time for her
  7. Janet
    Janet's 1993 album was my life. This again was the best time in music, for me. Her samples of Diana Ross used throughout the album were amazing. Even the unnecessary interludes were incredible and the album cover is iconic.