Inspired by @Ralphie
  1. Atonement.
    This movie was god awful, atrocious and plain boring. I couldn't tell you what this repulsive piece of trash was even about.
  2. It Follows
    I am an avid lover of horror, it always disappoints but my love is unconditional! Just like me and my mothers relationship! This movie was a huge let down. Over hyped, slow moving and NOT SCARY.
  3. Reality Bites
    Maybe I was too young and dumb but this movie is painful. Amazing soundtrack though!
  4. The Fast and The Furious
    Not in a house with a mouse, or on a boat in a moat. GIRL BYE
  5. The Evil Dead (remake)
    Another overly hyped, overrated and just plain EHHH. Nothing special here.
  6. The Conjuring
    This movie was well done, beautifully shot and had some fantastic acting. The problem was it just wasn't as scary as everyone said it was. Maybe I'm an asshole or just jaded. I appreciate the well crafted story and ensemble cast. This one did nothing for me.
  7. Star Wars
    My boyfriend is going to kill me. I thoroughly enjoyed the new film (thank you John Boyega and Oscar Isaac 👀). However, I just cannot get into the older films in the franchise. Not my thing
  8. Paranormal Activity 5
  9. Pretty Woman
    Maybe I just saw this too late in life to truly appreciate it. Predictable and not as great as I was expecting it to be.
  10. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original)
    I never understood this movie and the large impact it had in the world of horror. I did enjoy the remake but there has never been a truly great movie in this series IMO.