I started as a mechanic, became a service tech and am now in network security.
  1. You are what you want to be.
    If you have a career and see something that sparks your interest there's not reason to think you can't change careers and do that for a living.
  2. If you react to other's impression of you you will always be what they think you are.
    Know who you are and live that life. Who you are will change over time so just be you and forget the people that can't deal with it.
  3. Just because someone is your boss does not make them your leader.
    Sometimes you have to manage up. As long as your respectful and are helping most bosses will appreciate it and accept the input. You have to be good at you job for this to work.
  4. Its never too late.
    The only time it is acceptable to give up on a reasonable goal is when your dead. If you are alive, and I assume you are if you're reading this, then you've got fight in you. Make it happen.