1. Writer
    Obviously. I mean, I went to school for journalism but getting my foot in the door has been damn near impossible. I'd like to write a book or essays at some point though. I journal a lot so this could eventually happen.
  2. Real estate agent
    Mostly because I just want to look inside all the houses.
  3. Event planner
    Because I'm super organized and would love to organize someone else's party. Or hell, life. Let me be a life organizer.
  4. Life organizer
    Because see above.
  5. Flight attendant
    TRAVEL! Duh. And I like flying.
  6. Therapist
    I always wanted to. I just didn't want to go to the extra schooling for it. #regrets but I'm confident I'd be pretty good at being a therapist. Someone would just have to up my meds though because listening to other people's problems would surely weigh into my own depression.
  7. Translator
    But I'd have to learn another language first...
  8. Chef
    I'm a good cook. And I enjoy it immensely.
  9. Pastry chef/coffee shop owner
    The only reason I'm hesitant is because of the whole early morning thing.
  10. Radio host
    I'm just a little shy though. However, get me talking with someone in comfortable with and I would be pretty entertaining.