Suffice to say, this changes a lot and will be adding to the list as I remember all the things I want to be...all the time....often at the same time
  1. Leave Australia
  2. Work in a media agency
  3. Work in a creative agency
  4. Work on a farm picking fruit
  5. Work in a bar
  6. Work for a global publisher
  7. Work in management consulting
  8. Work in corporate communications
  9. Work for a non-for-profit
  10. Work in the public service
  11. Work for the UN
  12. Work as a traffic controller
  13. Work as a shop assistant
  14. Work as a flight attendant
  15. Work as a journalist
  16. Work as a user experience designer
  17. Work as a marketing executive
  18. Work as a photographer
  19. Work as a media advisor in poltocs
  20. Work as a project officer
  21. Work as a police officer
  22. Work in an intelligence agency
  23. Work as a farmer
  24. Work as a writer
  25. Study accounting
  26. Work as a developer
  27. Work as a relationship manager in a bank
  28. Work as a publicist
  29. Study an MBA
  30. Study computer science
  31. Study digital mefia
  32. Study commerce
  33. Study security and risk assesment
  34. Study agriculture/horticultre
  35. Study Arabic
  36. Study french
  37. Study Spanish