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  1. Forgive me, I am weak.
    But really, it's so much easier for the hugest book IN HISTORY.
  2. Oh. Yay.
  3. I drew the Gunny on my head as aversion therapy, and I DO feel warner toward the character...
  4. I love Hermione.
It's huge, it controversial among fans, it hurts physically to hold and emotionally for #SPOILERS
  1. Ow
  2. Ugh
  3. Not too bad, until you get to the other side.
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The other season was funny, I feel like it's a very good feminist TV show that Tina Fey purposefully made just innocent enough to make it into the teens section. So younger girls can get the correct message of empowerment that it teaches. It's not my favorite show, obviously 30 rock is better, but it still good. #betterThanOrangeisTheNewBlack #barf
  1. Is it actually Christmas or is it the wrongly counted Christmas?
  2. Oh man, I'm not a huge fan that her not-really dad is staying around. I thought he was a sort of temporary character /o\
  3. LOL, her first date was at camp on Roosevelt Island
    Manhattan is behind us @leablevins
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Generally pertaining to TV pet peeve's, specifically when I was binge watching "30 Rock"
  1. When none swear, it's such a hackneyed joke and drives me nuts, "nice women who have care about something - they are so funny when they swear! Cuz they're old! Get it??"
  2. When people have heard a word that they don't know or have never heard and respond immediately with what the hell is _________?" The human brain doesn't calculate quick enough for that fast of a response.
    I.e. In the movie GBF, he brings up an app called guydar and the girl immediately says "what is guydar??" Where normally people would think on it for a second, get confused and THEN ask.
  3. When you know something out of the normal is going to be revealed, because the camera's lingering too long on one character, when you know that the general rule is to show both characters in one frame whilst having a conversation
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  1. Re-do red jacket devil
  2. Get Jesus in sync
  3. Switch Devils
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  1. For someone who has been well well well established as overly analytical, taking months to pick out a backpack Annie sure did a shit job on checking out the apartment she's moving to and the implication that she didn't read the lease. We know this, because she didn't know where the second bedroom was, and because there's crayon on the lease
  2. I swear, Shirley grows as a character the least of all the group, IMO even including Pierce. She never listens whatsoever to arguments even ones she should be smart enough to get
  3. LOL, I think nighttime grumpiness plus "familiarity breeds contempt" to make these lists really kinda bitter
  4. There have been times on the show when the idea of young people not knowing old people stuff is really inconsistent. In this episode Annie knows that song that Jeff and the dean sing together, where I'm supposed to be about four years older than Annie, and I don't know that song.
    Oh, and the high schoolers knowing what a disc man was at first, obscured sight. If they knew that it's not cool to wear a Discman and actually think it's something to tease about, they are too young to know what one looks like
  1. Shirley is actually kind of a terrible person. I really don't like her as a person, but I do like her presence as a character. But I think she's worse than Pierce if I think about it
  2. All critics and people who write about episodes of shows, like AVclub.com or whatever, they love the chaos theory/timeline episode and think that the Halloween episode is just a shittier version. Like, the whole idea of seeing a similar theme for each of the characters eyes.
    I disagree
  3. 306! GAYYYYYY (lol, I thought it was time for The Apocalypse now!/heart of darkness episode but that's next)
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Episode on conspiracy theories, this used to be my therapist for a while. I love the professor and how he talks he so weird
  1. Right off the bat Jeff doesn't look at the deans hand, nor does the dean actually touch him!
  2. The actors for this show, they're really good at laughing genuinely. I always believe that there are actually laughing for the reason they're supposed to be. This is in response to Jeff laughing at the professor saying goodbye, "that is if I even exist"
  3. Season two does a really good job of leading up to the Fat Neal. They just drop in little references to him instead of all of a sudden.
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The bottle episode where Annie loses her purple pens episode NBC TV show community, I've been on a kick lately, so your thoughts as I watch. No particular subject, but included are peeves, noticing themes, etc. just random thoughts as I watch episode specific or not.
  1. In season two there are at least two episodes where Abed needs someone to secretly save him. The trampoline episode where he's a bitch-207, & the episode where he's Jesus 2
  2. I've found very few instances, maybe even just one where the dean doesn't touch Jeff when he comes in the study room.
  3. I've started looking for instances where Jeff doesn't look at the deen's hand when the deen touches him
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Just ransoms listed in my phone
  1. When characters are singing along to something and it's obvious they weren't playing the song at the time (American beauty) or transfer tunes from scenes on the wrong key (Abed first he heard the tune on the radio and then it switched to him humming it and it was the wrong key)
  2. when packaging or magazines look obviously made just for the TV show, like chip bags - The paper is always too thick
  3. When a character says a sentence that explains what the part is in a very unnatural away