1. For someone who has been well well well established as overly analytical, taking months to pick out a backpack Annie sure did a shit job on checking out the apartment she's moving to and the implication that she didn't read the lease. We know this, because she didn't know where the second bedroom was, and because there's crayon on the lease
  2. I swear, Shirley grows as a character the least of all the group, IMO even including Pierce. She never listens whatsoever to arguments even ones she should be smart enough to get
  3. LOL, I think nighttime grumpiness plus "familiarity breeds contempt" to make these lists really kinda bitter
  4. There have been times on the show when the idea of young people not knowing old people stuff is really inconsistent. In this episode Annie knows that song that Jeff and the dean sing together, where I'm supposed to be about four years older than Annie, and I don't know that song.
    Oh, and the high schoolers knowing what a disc man was at first, obscured sight. If they knew that it's not cool to wear a Discman and actually think it's something to tease about, they are too young to know what one looks like