The bottle episode where Annie loses her purple pens episode NBC TV show community, I've been on a kick lately, so your thoughts as I watch. No particular subject, but included are peeves, noticing themes, etc. just random thoughts as I watch episode specific or not.
  1. In season two there are at least two episodes where Abed needs someone to secretly save him. The trampoline episode where he's a bitch-207, & the episode where he's Jesus 2
  2. I've found very few instances, maybe even just one where the dean doesn't touch Jeff when he comes in the study room.
  3. I've started looking for instances where Jeff doesn't look at the deen's hand when the deen touches him
  4. It really bugs me that they find Annie's pens, considering they had to make up a story about a ghost in order to trust themselves again. I also would have believed that they ended up in Pierce cast, because that makes most sense. Of course Pierce would do that. I don't think anyone would've made an argument otherwise
  5. I would love to have had Abed track my menstrual cycle for me, lol
  6. Shirley never did anything ungrateful and rude to Abed in the mafia episode, I don't get why he was so mean to her
  7. lol, Pierce barely says anything in this episode, yet I think he's the funniest
  8. I hate how the dean booze the trailer with the dog and cat at the end with the political message, I get the comedy and irony behind it, but I hate it stupid to the point where I always turn it off before he the part comes on
  9. "My money's on ghost"