Episode on conspiracy theories, this used to be my therapist for a while. I love the professor and how he talks he so weird
  1. Right off the bat Jeff doesn't look at the deans hand, nor does the dean actually touch him!
  2. The actors for this show, they're really good at laughing genuinely. I always believe that there are actually laughing for the reason they're supposed to be. This is in response to Jeff laughing at the professor saying goodbye, "that is if I even exist"
  3. Season two does a really good job of leading up to the Fat Neal. They just drop in little references to him instead of all of a sudden.
  4. I wonder what the civil rights Museum looks like, lol
  6. Do you think it was only in that one time line in the chaos theory episode, that Annie had a gun? Because in every other reference to her having a gun, she doesn't have one
  7. I will never understand if cougar town thing is supposed to be funny because cougar town is terrible or because it's secretly kind of good