1. Shirley is actually kind of a terrible person. I really don't like her as a person, but I do like her presence as a character. But I think she's worse than Pierce if I think about it
  2. All critics and people who write about episodes of shows, like AVclub.com or whatever, they love the chaos theory/timeline episode and think that the Halloween episode is just a shittier version. Like, the whole idea of seeing a similar theme for each of the characters eyes.
    I disagree
  3. 306! GAYYYYYY (lol, I thought it was time for The Apocalypse now!/heart of darkness episode but that's next)
  4. I really love when Jeff makes a connection with cameras and catastrophe at Greendale in the pillow and blanket fort episode. He says "no, I will worry - if there's one thing I know, it's that a film crew at Greendale means disaster"
  5. I've always thought that this would be impossible to do comfortably in as quickly as other people seem to do it because my nails always dab of my fingers. I used to try this all the time, because of Edie in Out of this World
  6. Oh, well speaking of Shirley being an awful person, the gay episode, where she says, "what do wet wipes have to do with the choice to be gay? "
  7. You know, Annie's avatar in the video game episode, is so accurate, that I only see it instead of actual Annie. It drives me nuts. her - skin is very white and her lipstick is too red
  8. Oh, yeah, this is when Britta starts becoming an idiot...I have a theory that it's because she smokes a lot this season…?
  9. I really want to know what race Cornelius Hawthorne would have accepted (re: Britta being Swedish)
  10. One of my favorite Troy quotes, "they couldn't BE more or less identical." Of Troy, the other one is "I do happen, Jeff, I have been very much. "
  11. Straights-Only Product
  12. One of the worst offenders of my biggest pet peeves: one of my top three pet peeves is when older people mispronounce "young people things", like Pierce in this episode- Wikipedia "why-ko-pee-dye-uh" - there is LEGITIMATELY no reason for him to think it'd be pronounced anything close to that