It's huge, it controversial among fans, it hurts physically to hold and emotionally for #SPOILERS
  1. Ow
  2. Ugh
  3. Not too bad, until you get to the other side.
  4. People say that Harry's to whiny in this book, to which I reply "how were you when you were 15? Had you already dealt with your parents being murdered and seeing someone murdered and bringing back basically Hitler? Because I'd be whiney too"
  5. I always hated Ginny and I realized that it's not because she's perfect, (she loves sports and she's smart and she's great at hexes blah blah blah), it's that she has NO personality the closest personally she has to anyone is Fred and George but it's not her personality she's just also them when they're in. She's a manic Pixie dream girl.
    I can't think of one defining personality trait of hers other than being in love with Harry Potter, which does not count.
  6. Girls who like to think they're weird like to call themselves "a Luna Lovegood"
  7. Maybe if I draw Ginny I'll like her better…
  8. Static
  9. Trevor
    I'm not sure I ever thought about how funny of a name Trevor is for frog...
  10. Static
    Ron's reactions to Harry seeing, feeling or hearing things he can't is always a good time.
  11. I find it hard to believe that with Hermione's near-obsession with Hogwarts: a History, that she wouldn't you know that the carriages were being pulled by Thestrals.
    Visible to her or not.
  12. Static
    I'm sorry guys, even the strongest fail sometimes, like Harry at the end of this book.