This is cheesy; sorry not sorry
  1. Have a stable job that I love
    To be successful and be happy and enjoy my job over anything else
  2. Fall in love as much as possible
    And have my heart broken too. That's a part of it all, it's exciting and experiencing it is amazing
  3. Have a great circle of friends
    That I trust and will always treasure in my heart
  4. Laugh
    Laugh as much as possible and try to enjoy everything
  5. Cry
    Cry when I need to, because laughing and enjoying everything just isn't reality
  6. Go on great vacations
    And not just generic hotels and beaches, but actually experience different cultures.
  7. Write
    Write whenever I can, about everything and nothing. It's amazing
  8. Sing and make music
    Whether it's piano, or guitar, or simply drumming on the side of my phone, making music is relaxing and inspiring
  9. Secretly still dream of being rich and famous
    Hopefully this will happen one day as well