1. I am very accepting
    Once ur my friend, ur my friend and anything u do is fine by me. Unless ur being a bitch cos then I'll slowly stop talking to u
  2. I open up slowly
    This is a lie I don't open up at all
  3. I'm always there for you
    Literally always. Once you are my friend there is no getting rid of me. Everywhere you are I will be too. I am so clingy you will hate me.
  4. I have lots of food
    But I ain't sharing it lol
  5. I am a very stable person
    On the outside, on the inside I'm constantly dying and screaming.
  6. I don't judge
    You in front of u. But I judge others in front of you, meaning you will constantly be worried if I do the same to you behind your back
  7. I will go on any adventure
    Is what I have you believe. When the opportunity actually comes I will proceed to stay in bed and watch movies.
  8. I'm very sarcastic
    Literally chandler except I'm not funny and you will ignore me because I try to be funny and I'm not
  9. I'm a very happy person
    Except I hate everything! Yeah overall I'm great.