We all have those times when we really need our sleep because the next day is super important, and then our thoughts ruin it entirely.
  1. Ok, now I will get 9 hours of sleep
    Wow I can't believe I'm in bed by 10 already! I'm so good. Ok lights off bye world.
  2. Was that a notification? One reply won't hurt...
    Before u know it ur having a full on conversation
  3. Shit okay now I'll have 8 hours of sleep
    Finally said goodbye to that friend of yours, night mode on, no distractions.
  4. I'm not tired- too nervous/excited for tomorrow
    We all have this, #tb to childhood excitement for Christmas
  5. Don't think about tomorrow
    All you can do is think about it
  6. If I sleep now I'll have 7 hrs and 40 minutes of sleep
  7. Now ill have 7 hrs 30 min sleep
  8. Now 7 hrs and 10 mins sleep?? Shit I gotta sleep
  9. Okay now I'm too tired to care about tomorrow
    Sleep time! Giving up on that nervousness, finally
  10. Wait. What if that one time I would've said yes to that thing. How would my life have changed?
    Now deep thoughts consume your mind, how everything would be different had you done that one thing. Regrets fill your mind for about an hour.
  11. 6 hours of sleep ??? Fml this is bad
    This is going downhill fast. Started out so good too :(
  12. Maybe music will help?
    Ahhhhh peace and quiet, about to drift off when... OMG THIS IS MY JAM *lipsings the whole song and gets energy*
  13. Fuck. 5 hours and 30 mins. Okay time to count sheep
    When has this ever been proven to work? It's not like you can actually imagine jumping sheep, can you?
  14. Ok I give up. Imma check my phone for notifications
    Gotta make some snapchats to let ur friends know ur still up at 2 in the morning - so cool
  16. Drifting off into sleep
    A period of stress when you know u have to sleep so u start drifting off to sleep and keep waking up
  17. 3 hours of sleep - the anxiety kicks in
    Omg. Tomorrow you'll look like a zombie and be in a bad mood and everything will go wrong. You know you're fucked.
  18. 2 hrs and 30 mins - what does life mean?
    Having internal conversation about life, what is time and space? Is anything real or is this all in my mind? What happens when you die? Is being concious real?
  19. 2 hours - I need to sleep
    Still not tired though. The bed is getting uncomfortable and you have to pee. Coming to the realisation You hardly have time left
  20. 1 hour - death
    Lying in bed not thinking anything. Blank mind. Not even tired. Help.
  21. 15 minutes before alarm goes off - sudden deep sleep
    Literally only at this moment will you get tired, suddenly sleep is warm and fuzzy and grasps you hella fast. Why haven't you been sleeping this whole time? It's amazing.
  22. Alarm clock
    'Are you fuxking kidding me'. You have barely slept a wink, you give up on the day. Why be happy and joyful and successful when you can be bitter, grouchy, and sleepy? This was an emotional Night