All the things I've felt and felt like since turning 26
  1. Understood
    When my coworkers crafted an entire Pretty Little Liars-themed scavenger hunt and creepy messages from A for my birthday. I then discovered that I'm A and that they're the best.
  2. A performer
    The night after my birthday I decided to consume all of the Moscow mules and proceeded to jump on stage at a bar and perform my solo rendition of Beyonce's 'crazy in love.'
  3. Sad but in a good way
    When my mom gave me a miniature music box that plays 'you are my sunshine' that she got in Louisiana. She said to play it whenever I feel sad. It was super cute and I felt good sad.
  4. Sassy
    Some random dude tried to crawl under my dress while I was onstage in my Moscow mule dance world. I was confused and decided to push him to the ground but made it look like a cool dance move that I meant.
  5. Snake-like
    Post-Moscow mules, when I forgot how to control my limbs and couldn't properly sit on a park bench, in a movie theater and on top of a person. It shouldn't be that difficult but I guess I'm part reptile.
  6. #Blessed
    But for reals tho. Like the world finally gets me. ✨