1. 'There's gonna be a ton of girls here. I'm just hoping I can stay away from the drama.'
  2. 'Who wouldn't want to fall in love in paradise?'
  3. 'You guys have some of the whitest teeth I've seen.'
  4. 'I decided to bring my sister with me!'
  5. 'Make your hair a little more Ariana Grande.'
  6. 'I'm literally never attracted to anyone ever.'
  7. 'I'm into his face. I'm gonna throw up.'
  8. 'It's a toss up between Wendy's nuggets and McDonald's nuggets.'
  9. 'He's a big beef heart.'
  10. 'How do I act flirty?'
  11. 'Aloha Mexico!'
  12. 'I'm ready to take a leap of faith.'