Life-changing & crazy & lots of feels
  1. Britney wore a short, brunette, Pretty Woman-esque wig
  2. She appeared onstage in a crazy cage which made me feel weird
  3. It rained onstage during Toxic. The rain spelled out 'Britney'
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    Still unsure how this worked. So much was happening including a giant tree.
  4. During Everytime, she was suspended over the stage like an angel and it was like pure magic
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  5. She said it was her 100th show (!)
    Was informed by a back up dancer that it was, in fact, her 101st show.
  6. Had a LOT of moments where I realized her lyrics were very relatable in a way I didn't realize before
    I.e. When she performed Perfume.
  7. She brought a girl from the audience onstage for Freakshow, put a collar on her and walked her
    I was super impressed by the girl's moves and that she didn't freak out.
  8. There were so many great costumes from classic Britney moments
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  9. The whole thing was a great, emotional, fun blur and felt like a retrospective of her life
  10. 💕💕💕 Britney forever💕💕💕