Overheard conversations and questions
  1. 'Fuck you guys! Don't judge me.'
    Something a 12 year old yelled at me and my sister while SHE judged us from her girl gang. We were in too much shock to respond.
  2. 'Omg! Cute! I got this for my dad for Father's Day!'
    Question: what tho? The mango flavored Chapstick? The socks with foxes on them?
  3. 'Bring a lot of v necks and sports bras. You're gonna need them.'
    Question: where are these tweens going that they need 'so many v necks?' A music festival in the mid 2000s?
  4. 'My boobs are spilling out of this tribal printed jumpsuit but I love it!'
    True but also do you bb.
  5. Question to myself: what's the cut off age for shopping at Forever 21?
    I think I've reached it.