1. 15 year old me: I need to be at the very front and I will do whatever it takes to get there
  2. 25 year old me: My back and feet hurt. It would be nice to see the set but also can I sit down?
  3. 15 year old me: Standing in front of the speakers is so fun! It's like I'm part of the song :)
  4. 25 year old me: I'm so paranoid of going deaf and constantly think of articles I've thought of reading about people who go deaf from going to too many shows
  5. 15 year old me: Let's all jump on each other-dance party!
  6. 25 year old me: Please don't jump on me
  7. 15 year old me: I wonder if I can meet Conor Oberst after the show? Does anyone know where he hangs out?
  8. 25 year old me: Is the last song really worth hearing? I kinda wanna beat all the parking lot traffic