A look back at various Halloween and sorority invite events. Telling the difference between the two is a lot harder than one might expect.
  1. Matador: Around the World sorority invite.
  2. Bird: Halloween co-op party.
  3. 80s: Sigma Nu frat party. So neither an invite nor Halloween but very memorable.
  4. Biker: Alpha Nu sorority invite. Alpha Nu was the name of our fake sorority so I think this counts.
  5. Mouse: Halloween sophomore year.
  6. Tenley from Project Runway: Reality Show sorority invite.
  7. Sea anemone: Halloween at some frat.
  8. 80s: yet another sorority invite. I think at this point the hands on hip pose gives it away.
  9. Zombie Lana Del Rey: Halloween.
  10. Flapper: Tbqh I don't even know. Could have been both Halloween AND a sorority invite.
  11. Moral of the story: Every day is Halloween in a world full of sorority invites!