The 5th year and most memorable, by far
  1. Hannibal Buress spotting
    My sister saw him and we walked over to stand near him. We had hoped to mention Broad City and ask for a photo. Instead I led with some mention of the Al Dente Dentist. He then introduced us to his friends, asked what we were up to later and asked for my number. Great confidence booster.
  2. Trying to find people to meet up with
    It's very difficult when your phone is dead and you think about life before cell phones. Also when you're told to meet at the hot dog stand and you're standing in a sea of hot dog stands.
  3. Kanye West
    He seemed like he was in a good mood! A fight broke out right next to me and almost got punched in the head but didn't. Such a great time and he 'welcomed to the stage' someone from his family but it wasn't Kim and I still don't know who it was tbh.
  4. Billy Baldwin
    Standing outside, looking for our Uber, bb sista says 'it's Alec Baldwin!' It's Billy but let's be real. It's Serena's dad from Gossip Girl leaving fyf with his irl daughter.
  5. A street dog
    A giant dog wandering the streets that was v spooky and almost attacked us.
  6. A Lyft driver
    Named Cartier 💎
  7. Flume
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    He welcomed Lorde to the stage and she was such a lil bb.
  8. The eggplant emoji, irl
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    Mixed feels about it.