For the story 🐴🐴🐴
  1. A guy named 'cowboy' who said 'whatever' to Hozier lyrics and likes Wu Tang.
  2. A biker with a shirt that said 'I may not go down in history but I will go down on your little sister.'
    Too much.
  3. There's shaved ice in Keystone, South Dakota.
    Did you know that?
  4. Wall, South Dakota.
    A town known for its drug store, Wall Drug, as well as its free ice water.
  5. Genuinely confused by this.
  6. A cat named Taco who was missing a foot.
    He was born this way. 😻
  7. Was told to put on a bikini, do the charleston and serve shots of whiskey.
  8. There's salsa dancing in South Dakota.
    With LOTS of reggaeton.
  9. Your skin will freak out.
    In insane ways. So trazy and rude.
  10. Sold beer out of a bathtub full of ice for 4 hours.
    Standout quotes from biker dudes-'you look a little spaced out!' 'Are you even old enough to sell beer?' 'Are you the beer tender because I think I'm in love!'
  11. Ranch life is beautiful.
  12. There are bikers around every single corner because of Sturgis.
    So sometimes you have to pull over and drown out the sound of motorcycles by hiking around and singing loudly.
  13. You can't even really take a shower.
    Because there are 8 other girls around and you live above a restaurant. But who cares it's super fun and crazy.
  14. There are no avocados. The post office is open 10-12:30 and 1-4.
    You get stamps from people who are feeling super friendly.
  15. People tell you that you're far way from home and that you look 15.
    You tell them that it's probably just your glasses and then lol about it.
  16. This creepy magic show exists.
    Is this a deleted scene from Twin Peaks?
  17. A cat named Winston who also loves ice cream.
  18. A woman in a confederate flag bikini.
    She was doing an upside down 'take a shot' trick with her boobs that required a lot of pre planning and a strong core. I tried to be objective.
  19. A frozen t shirt contest.
    Still confused as to how this works. I thought it was inspired by the movie Frozen.
  20. Stuck in Minneapolis.