1. Paul McCartney
    When I was 5 I saw a black and white picture of him and definitely thought he was that age IRL, like in his 20s. Clearly didn't know how old photos worked but felt a lot of things for him and The Beatles. First crush.
  2. Simba
    I think Simba (voiced by JTT) was my first and maybe only cartoon animal crush. Loved how bold and adventurous he was. Definitely listened to his songs on my Lion King cassette tape. I loved that he just couldn't wait to be king.
  3. JTT
    See above. But also his semi bowl cut and smile made me feel emoji with the heart eyes before that was even a thing.
  4. The Lawrence Brothers
    From the hit Disney show, Brotherly Love. Obviously had a crush on the middle brother because that's how that usually goes. When I went to New York for the first time when I was 8, I was in an elevator at the Natural History Museum with the brothers irl and lost the ability to speak.
  5. Shane West
    After A Walk to Remember it was lust at first sight. He was always brooding and angsty. I made my whole family see League of Extraordinary Gentlemen with me and they pointed out that his nose was weird and that's when my crush on him ended. Also because that movie was terrible.
  6. Seth Cohen
    I mean, who wasn't looking for their Seth Cohen to go to Death Cab shows with? So great that he could have his own list. Precursor to the Conor Oberst crush.