A list I can refer to as a reminder for times that the world feels pretty terrible.
  1. The time that baby goats appeared outside my office.
    They were so small and I got to hold them!
  2. When my neighbor gave me a legit eBay tutorial on how to sell shoes.
    With so many tips i.e. Make sure all your photos are legit and have good lighting.
  3. Any time I've been at a show where someone in the band stage dives and hasn't hit me in the face/head.
    When Conor Oberst jumped on us during many a SOMA show, when the guys from Ratatat jumped on us a few months ago, etc.
  4. DJ Khaled's Snapchat.
  5. Being gifted with a scone/pastry.
    Any food item tbh.
  6. An impromptu dance party.
  7. Learning the lyrics to Crazy Town's Butterfly.
    And knowing that even though everyone hates that I'm 'attending' a Crazy Town show on Facebook, I'm still going to go.
  8. A text that comes out of nowhere but is weirdly nice.
  9. When different people tell me I should do stand-up.
    To which I always reply 'it seems so fun! But also scary and hard.'
  10. All the seasons of The O.C. streaming online.
    So much angst to relive.
  11. A very good episode of a podcast that made me forget I was stuck in traffic.
    This is seriously the best.
  12. Drinking a pumpkin boozy milkshake.
    Enjoying it and not getting sick.
  13. Simultaneously lol-ing and cringing during Vanderpump Rules.
    James is really going all out this season.
  14. Remembering that there are still nice people who will hold the door open for you and/or never trap you in an endless group text.