💕Rewatching The O.C. ten years later.💕
  1. When he does his brooding eyes look.
  2. When he asked Kirsten to build him a model home as a bad joke.
  3. When Seth reminded the fam, sarcastically, of how many people want a teenager in their foster home.
  4. When Sandy dropped him off at his house and it was empty except for a very sad note his mom left him.
  5. When he had to wear his hoodie to sneak by Luke at the diner.
  6. When Luke told Ryan he was a little far from 8 Mile.
    Confirming that Ryan and B Rabbit have basically the same origin story.
  7. When Marissa visits Ryan at the model home and Hallelujah is playing.
  8. When he got arrested again for burning the model home but it was really Luke's fault :(
  9. When he was in jail and literally everyone hated him for just being Ryan.
  10. When he fell for Marissa but we all knew it wouldn't end well.
  11. When he felt like he didn't fit in because he came from a different world.
  12. 😭😭😭