God bless Lisa Vanderpump...and Kristen and Jax and Ariana and Tom and James, etc.
  1. 'Lisa wants me to work behind-the-scenes because I'm not that pretty to look at.'-Jax
    After his third nose job.
  2. 'Jax has bro code. His bro code is 'fuck you bros.'-James
    After Jax texted Kristen or Carmen (idk) about how he knows that Carmen, his ex, hooked up with one of his friends. Oh what tangled webs we weave!
  3. 'With Kristen, you have to actually ban her from the premises, otherwise she will show up.'-Tom Sandoval
    On Kristen showing up to Scheana's decades-themed birthday party where James will be DJ-ing.
  4. 'I've really been focusing on my T-shirt line and one of the things I've been working on in therapy is to not act like a psycho.'-Kristen
    Confronting Jax in a new, more chill way.
  5. 'I would rather lose my relationship with Kristen, than ruin my DJ career.'-James
    Classic DJ line.
  6. 'I loved Stassi in the beginning...'-Jax's mom
  7. 'None of us need to get too turnt right now.'-Kristen
    To James when he went a little too method with his 60s Woodstock alter ego.