The past two weeks I've been particularly anxious. These are some things that have helped.
  1. Binge-watching High Maintenance.
    Like smoking weed without the paranoia
  2. Reading weird thrillers.
    I.e. The Girl on the Train, Gone Girl. Even though they're basically the same, there's something calming about knowing where the story might go but then still being a little surprised:
  3. Waking up early and going on walks.
    Before everyone is awake and there's time to discover lots of new secret paths.
  4. Reading through old diary entries.
    It puts all the anxiety and angst into perspective.
  5. Seeing James Blake live tonight.
    It was ah👏🏻mah👏🏻zing. Was a religious experience tbh.
  6. Trying to gravitate toward less overwhelming internet spaces
    Aka The List App 💜