1. You decide it's the saddest day in the world
  2. You take a selfie
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  3. You wonder why you sat behind super loud people wearing flip flops and ordering white wine
  4. Why are they considering swimming in the ocean after a giant rain storm?
  5. Reading backwards hurts my brain
  6. Learned the last train was cancelled because of a trespasser in San Clemente. Was it A? Why is the conductor apologizing for A's crime?
  7. How do I get myself into these situations?
  8. Hey look
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  9. Someone asked if my 'buddy' was sitting next to me
  10. Dude yelling 'pornos and cocktails'
  11. Sitting behind people who do triathlons has confirmed that I will NEVER do a triathlon
  12. An hour in, selfie
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  13. Ahhhhhhh
  14. True detective
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