20 year-old me vs. 26 year-old me.
  1. The sounds of Berkeley late at night are still the same.
    From the creepy whistling and song singing, to the threats of fights from frat dudes on the way home from parties.
  2. Everything seems way dirtier.
    Or maybe because when you're in college you're less self aware? It's good to have a swifer though. And new sponges. Stuff like that.
  3. The street characters are the same (sort of).
    Like the man I infamously named 'Baby Shoes' who would walk around wearing little shoes. He's still here just his hair is shorter.
  4. The corner store is stocked with the same snacks.
    And the same guy works there. Just this time no fake IDs.
  5. There is a neighborhood cat.
    She or he wasn't here before but I'm really a big fan. I mean...
  6. I feel really old.
    When I get ready for work and wear a blazer and overhear students on the bus going to their internships at the start ups they work at.
  7. I sort of feel like I'm taking part in a sociology experiment.
    Everything around me has some sort of memory attached to it-'oh that's the balcony from that one party' 'those are the stairs I fell down' 'that's the house that caught on fire'
  8. I feel like a stranger in a strange land.
    It's just that I'm different I guess and everything else is mostly the same. That's why it feels so strange.