NYC Popfest is an annual celebration of indie pop from around the world. Having only experienced it for the first time this year, I still already consider it one of my favorite music festivals. NYC Popfest 2016 takes place May 19-22, and these are some of the bands I'd love to see there (in no particular order and w/ links to their music).
  1. Young Romance
    (UK) One of the bands I was most excited to see at Popfest this year, but sadly they had to cancel last minute. Let's try again!
  2. Mercury Girls
    (USA) Beyond excited for their forthcoming debut album in 2016.
  3. Westkust
    (SWEDEN) Last Forever is one of the best albums of 2015.
  4. Makthaverskan
    (SWEDEN) Makthaverskan shares band members with Westkust and is equally kick-ass, so this just makes plenty of sense.
  5. The School
    (WALES) It's like Popfest was invented for a band like The School to play at.
  6. Desperate Journalist
    (UK) Desperate Journalist would add some pop muscle to the proceedings.
  7. Allo Darlin'
    (UK) I adore these guys. Adore.
  8. Diet Cig
    (USA) For some reason or another, fate has kept me from sweating and dancing along to Diet Cig live. We can easily fix this next year.
  9. Night Flowers
    (UK) Only one single and one EP to their name, but I'm hooked.
  10. Evans The Death
    (UK) Such a criminally underrated band.
  11. Pinact
  12. Flowers
    (UK) Their sophomore LP is also on my list of most anticipated albums of 2016.
  13. Trashcan Sinatras
    (SCOTLAND) And now for some "legend" acts. One of my favorite bands of all time and set to release their sixth studio album in 2016, this would be perfect.
  14. The Primitives
    (UK) Their 2014 album Spin-O-Rama was a welcome return to their late 80's heyday form. Would be a thrill to finally see them live.
  15. Velocity Girl
    (USA) I don't know how realistic a reunion is, but they seem to be a popular request and I'm TOTALLY on board with that. One can dream!