Inspired by @mandi, this is a list of what pieces of pop culture hit me the hardest in 2015. As @mandi astutely says, it's not a best of list, as it's more of a "can't get it outta my head" list.
  1. TV Series (Weekly): Person of Interest
    I feel like I'm still in a little "in the know" club with this one. Superbly written and acted. As addictive as anything else on television.
  2. TV Series (Streaming): It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    2015 could really be marked as the year I woke up, got Netflix and watched all the great shows I had been missing - Parks and Rec, the League, Narcos... but It's Always Sunny was the king and has become possibly my favorite comedy ever.
  3. Movie: Creed
    I know, I know. It just came out. Cliché choice. Whatever. As a boxer from Philly myself, this holds special meaning for me. Why it's here is not because I think it's the year's best (no, that's Sicario), but because it just really *stuck* with me.
  4. Album: Southernality by A Thousand Horses
    The strongest debut album I can recall in my lifetime. Every track is great. I drove all over the state to see these dudes play 4x, and it was a blast, plus got 2 copies of the vinyl. One to play, one to put on ice. Yeah, I think they'll be that good. Plus I'll wear the first copy out.
  5. Band: Dead & Company
    Going to see them in Philly was an experience like no other. Sensational. But just their formation made me go back and revisit the Dead. I discovered them all over again - from playing all the old albums and listening to old songs like they were new again, to road tripping with the XM station... It's been awesome. Thanks @john for this. You made a Deadhead out of me.
  6. Song: In the Night - The Weeknd
    A late entrant, as it was released on Nov 17. The song is utterly infectious. I mean, the type where you just play it on repeat. This song is why The Weeknd draws MJ comparisons. Awesome vocals. Awesome lyrics.
  7. Music Video: In the Night - The Weeknd
    It's not just because the track is so awesome, the video stands on its own. Weird. Trippy. I love the aesthetic. BRTHR did a sensational job. Perfect match for the song.
  8. Experience: The Dead & Company show in Philly
    First Dead show. No further explanation needed.
  9. Book: None!
    I didn't read a single book in 2015! But I did make an effort to read many more stories (not just finance-related, either) from many different newspapers and magazines to broaden my horizons. It was great, actually.
  10. Website: The Daily Mail
    I know, this is so low rent. But they have great pictures and they break news really fast (and irresponsibly, but whatever).
  11. App: The List App
    A huge thank you to @bjnovak and @dev for making this place. I have always loved lists. I would keep running mental lists - from topics as general as all-time greatest guitarists, to esoteric as best chicken parm. Lists were how I started conversations on road trips. I'm a list guy. My girlfriend used to tell me "you're the only person who loves lists this much." Well apparently not!!