Requested by @BrianClasby.
  1. Fr. Phil Intintola
    Gosh this guy was just such a spineless weasel. He his behind the cloth to prey on housewives with his guilt trips and holier than thou arrogance. Like Noah (we'll get to him soon), I *do* love that Chase chose to show that in this world of mobsters, they don't have a monopoly on being truly awful people.
  2. Noah Tannenbaum
    The smugness. The arrogance. The socks and sandals. When he says (re: Tony) "he's lucky I didn't knock him the fuck out," I really wished he would have tried so we all could have seen what happened next.
  3. Livia Soprano
    First of all, I have to note, the character is so well acted. And I know I'm *supposed* to hate her, but just a deplorable human being, who was absolutely miserable in every sense of the word.
  4. Janice Soprano
    See above.
  5. AJ Soprano
    What a loser.
  6. Meadow Soprano
    Overly dramatic. Manipulative. Whiny. Ungrateful. Arrogant. And poorly acted. My biggest pet peeve: using the vocab words in conversation just to show her "intelligence." And it wasn't even funny like Little Carmine. It was just pathetic.
  7. Bonus: the writer's job with Vito
    Just lazy writing with no respect for the viewer. First he's "Gino" in S1, then the same actor is playing "Vito" a season later. Vito is an associate of Richie in S2, but in S4 he's running his own crew? That was quick. Oh, and when we learn he and Adriana are cousins but in S4 Adriana says he made constant passes at her while Chris was in rehab. How about when he's introduced to Billy Leotardo like he doesn't know him in S5, only to find out that he and Phil/Billy were first cousins in S6.