Some I've eaten, others I've seen.
  1. Popeye's chicken
    Because you're mean if you do that to other people.
  2. Large deli sandwiches
    I had one last Saturday on the G, but it was after midnight when rules don't exist.
  3. Watermelon
    I saw this happening on the G. Two people in flip flops were licking their fingers the entire time.
  4. Toasted Bagel with Cream Cheese
    Unfortunately, the toasting make the cream cheese oozy in a dangerous way.
  5. An entire Hot n Ready pizza from Little Caesars
    Yeah. This was me.
  6. A salad
  7. Popeye's biscuits
    I used to treat myself to these all the time. The trick was to eat it on the platform. They smell much too good to bring inside the train car.
  8. Buffalo Wings
    I've never seen this one, but how horrible does that sound?
  9. Banana
    They stink. Plus, where's the peel gonna go?
  10. Slurpee with tequila
    Eh. This one isn't actually hurting anyone.
  11. Anything in a jar
    You're gross.