1. Is something under my bed?
  2. Did I lock my car?
  3. I hope I don't forgot that thing in the morning
  4. Maybe I should set a reminder
  5. Nah
  6. What was that?
  7. Do adults use night lights?
  8. Could a spider crawl into my ear?
  9. Wow, my bed is comfortable
  10. I wish it was this cold outside
  11. Do I watch too much tv?
  12. I wish I read more
  13. What should I wear tomorrow?
  14. Maybe I'll check the weather
  15. Nah
  16. Wouldn't it be great if mouths tasted like mint all the time
  17. I wish I didn't feel so close to my phone
  18. I need to stop reading my horoscope before I go to bed
  19. Maybe I should try meditation