Thia list is a demonstration of how scatter brained and indecisive I could be
  1. Photographer
  2. Writer
    This includes screen writing, author, techinical writing, playwright, writing copy ,etc
  3. Architect
  4. Fashion designer/advisor
  5. Extreme sportsman
    Skydiving, paragliding, endurance activity, base and bunjee jumping
  6. Language teacher
  7. Assassin/spy
    This is more because I am a guy, I enjoy doing clandestine activities
  8. Anthropologist
  9. Research psychologist
  10. Perfumer
    I can't remember a time I haven't gone around sniffing fragrances and pondered ways to make them even more appealing, or less if they stank...or is it more. Doing this for a livelihood, damn! How nice would that be!
  11. Chef
    Cutting, dicing, slicing, the smells, the heat, the sweat, the agony over coaxing the best from food and the manliness associated with conquering one of the elements - possibly tye greatest - FIRE. My mind is now cooking on gas!