Late night thoughts from a college student

There are so many things we think about and stress about: here are some
  1. Looking for internships/jobs is stressful
    Employers are looking for candidates who have experience... You are currently looking to gain the experience to get the jobs that require experience, but in order to gain experience they are looking for experience that is impossible to get. Yes, my head is spinning too
  2. While looking for internships/jobs, I feel stupid
    Ok, I know I'm not that stupid, but when reading job requirements that are looking for experience (see above) you can't help but feel stupid. Apparently being involved on campus, holding leadership positions, previous internship experience while holding a good gpa is not enough..
  3. Now I crave chocolate/dessert/sweets to cure my stress
    Since it's too late to do retail shopping (ok well at physical stores, not online) chocolate will have to do. On the hunt...
  4. After eating chocolate/dessert, now I feel incredibly fat
    Crying brb
  5. Finding some empowering article writing about how all body types are beautiful
    Everyone is beautiful! Duh..
  6. Accepting state of fatness
    Eating food >>>> dieting
  7. Time for Netflix
    Do I even need to explain?