I am terrible at grocery shopping but this list gets me through the week and provides a lot of options and flexibility. Make sure to have pantry essentials like spices, oil, sauces etc.
  1. Cheap Beer
    Cheap, sessionanle and good for any occasion. I don't buy craft or specialty beer unless it's from a bartender. If it is good enough for Granddad, it will work.
  2. Chips
    Red hot blues or blue corn chips.
  3. Cheese
    Pepperjack cheese works for sandwiches and snacking. Ricotta, cream, or any spreadable cheese for snacking.
  4. Wheat Crackers
    If it looks like a wheat thin and is cheap I'll take it.
  5. Hummus
    Plain mediterranean. Get a bigger tub. The tiny ones always run out too quickly.
  6. Greek Yogurt
    0% plain. Mix in honey, fruit, granola, hot sauce, herbs. Use it as a sour cream substitute.
  7. Granola
    Buy it in bulk and add to granola, have as a snack, or add to savory dinners.
  8. Bananas
    Put in yogurt or take anywhere for a snack. Slice it open, put chocolate in it then cook over fire in foil until mushy and chocolate is melted.
  9. Cereal
    Anything with cinnamon, maple or frosting. Get crunchier cereal with clusters so it doesn't get too soggy.
  10. Coconut Milk
    Vanilla flavored makes cereal taste more like dessert. Make sure to find milk without carrageenan.
  11. Frozen Brocolli
    Little frozen healthy trees.
  12. Chicken
    Tastes like whatever you want to make it taste like. Get boneless breasts.
  13. Eggs
    Two dozen for breakfast and adding to lunches and dinners. Soft poach or boil eggs to add to sides, noodle soups, salads, snacks.
  14. Spaghetti
    Bachelor pantry staple.
  15. Mixed Greens
    Spring mix or 50/50 blend.
  16. Orange Juice
    No pulp. Doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. Vitamin C every day and great to have on hand as a low brow mixer.