I recently moved back to my home state! yay me! I love Hawaii for all the obvious reasons, Ono grinds, beaches, scenery, Don Ho, etc but it's the little things that truly keep me devoted.
  1. Jorts
    Jorts for days! There are 2 states that are jort friendly, Hawaii & Florida. Hawaii has 100% fewer arrests involving nudity. Disclaimer: This only applies to ladies and bulldogs. It is never ok to wear jorts if you are a man. Btdubs fancy jorts are a thing @franimal
  2. 93.9 The Jamz
    A radio station that mainly plays 90's hip hop and r&b? H to the izzo! This is basically Nacia's summer jamz volumes 1-4 on repeat.
  3. GPS/Google maps
    I love the superior feeling I get when I correct the GPS lady's horrendously mispronounced Hawaiian place names. Eat it you know it all b, I will turn left when I am ready.
  4. Don Quijote
    This is an Japanese owned grocery/superstore that has all kinds of stuff, if you need 3 different types of Wasabi paste a cheap DVD player and some poke at 2am this is your spot. It is inexplicably named after the Spanish fictional character and has a animated penguin as its mascot.
  5. This guy
    A surfing pig with a great breakfast spot. Kono would go.