Top 5 candies

nobody asked me, but dang do I love jumping and bandwagons
  1. Jelly Belly jellybeans
    But not the licorice flavored ones because I'm not a gross monster
  2. Twizzlers (og red of course)
    Road trip essential. I live on a island and if I'm gonna be in the car for more than 30 mins you bet your ass there will be twizzlers
  3. Tied for 3rd Look and Big Hunk bars
    Essentially the same, look bars are just a chocolate covered big hunk. But when I'm feeling dangerous and want to make use of my dental insurance sometimes a nice bit of chocolate goes well with a broken filing.
  4. Reeses Pieces
    ET was not wrong!
  5. Hot Tamales Tropical thunder
    These are the jam! I can only find them at target and they are usually sold out. But bonus it is the only reason my husband will make a target run. Please don't try them unless you plan on loving them and launching a full scale campaign to have them at every grocery store.