NAGASHIMA - Translation: Long Island in Japanese
  1. Nagashima Spa Land in Japan
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    I've been fortunate to have visited Japan many times in my life, but this amusing park of fun and thrills? Never! Who's comin' with?
  2. Erica Nagashima
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    The first time I found out about her was when a friend tagged me on a photo of her on Instagram, asking if we were related. I'm still torn on my fantasy of either being related to her or if I could see myself dating someone who pretty much shares the same first and last name as me...😳
  3. Yurie Nagashima
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    I'm pretty sure there was a fairly strict dress code and an unspoken etiquette of attire when playing golf. Maybe Japan thinks otherwise? Check out photographer Yurie Nagashima to find out more on this bizarre family photo.
  4. Rikako Nagashima
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    An artist from Japan who explores surrealism through mirrors.
  5. Shigeo Nagashima
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    Tokyo Giants Hall of Famer. When I went on my first trip to Japan at 18, he was the first person outside of my family that I knew of that shared my last name. So then I bought a cartoon figurine/piggy bank of him in hopes of inheriting some sort of star power or athleticism. Unfortunately, now at 35, it hasn't happened yet and the only person inheriting anything, would be my future kid. Who'll probably get the $40 in quarters still inside the thing.