1. So I met this woman.
  2. We went on some dates and it was dope.
  3. So we went on some more. Like a lot.
  4. We went to Benihana one night and I had maybe a lot of sake and when we got back to my place, I maybe said "I love you"
  5. And she said "I am falling in love with you"
  6. "But when I say it, it's gonna be amazing I'm gonna do it in a bouncy castle I rent for the occasion"
  7. And we had a good laugh.
  8. Cut to this past week when I visited LA to see some of my favorite people in the world (including @jeremysomething)
  9. I flew home to SF.
  10. Walked in the door and heard a weird loud fan noise.
  11. There was a FULL BLOWN bouncy castle in my living room.
  12. We started bouncing and then she told me something really great.
  13. My mom says this move is gonna be hard to top.