Thanks for coming in. As you can see, we like to do things a bit differently around here ;) Can I get you a smoothie? No? Ok let's start.
  1. How many jelly beans are in this jar?
    (Show them the really big jellybean jar)
  2. My Netflix is being weird. Can I get your password?
    (Log in and make sure it works and maybe watch a couple eps of gilmore girls)
  3. The package is in the open and you've got a clean shot. It's gonna take Harddrive two minutes to complete the hack and the rest of your team is missing. Do you take the shot? DO YOU TAKE THE SHOT???
    (No, you don't because the package is a decoy)
  4. Do your best impression of the 56k modem sound.
    (Bonus points if candidate actually connects to the Internet and downloads some cool MP3s)
  5. Spirograph exercise
    (45 minute limit)