You may or may not have picked up on these things from my lists, but here we go...
  1. I'm Kristin.
  2. I live in Yonkers. I just moved here in August.
    I love it but need to move closer to the city!
  3. I'm really tall.
    6'2 to be exact.
  4. I work in health care.
    I'm an occupational therapist. I work in a nursing home. Do I love it? Eh. Do I like it? Yes! Love my old folks. I really like working with stroke patients. But that's really it?
  5. I love comedy.
    But everyone does to a certain extent. I currently am taking improv classes at UCB. I don't know where it will take me, but it's really fun.
  6. I like to write.
    Whether it's in my diary or essays or sketches or lists.
  7. I'll continue to add and edit to this?