Note, I'm unaware of all but one's (unfortunately) personal political agenda, so take that into account.
  1. Charlie Sheen
    He'd be even worse than trump.
  2. Donald Trump
    Hashtag giant douche
  3. Flavor Flav
    Would be unreliable but probably would be progressive.
  4. Jeff Foxworthy
    Again not sure of political views but I assume they would be right wing.
  5. David Hasslehoff
    Jump in my car for the national anthem.
  6. Justin Bieber
    Although he never could be president, I think with a lot of support (staffers, mental, emotional), he could do okay.
  7. Bob Saget
    He couldn't be too bad, right?
  8. Pamela Anderson
    Same with Bieber.
  9. Denis Leary
    We went to the same high school and he's a fellow Worcesterian (is that a word?) so I slightly trust him from that. Otherwise 😐.
  10. James Franco.
    If it goes like his performance in 127 hours, great. If it's like the Emmys 😒
  11. Roseanne Barr
    It's Roseanne but as president!
  12. William Shatner
    He just sounds presidential.
  13. Joan Rivers
    Feminist. RIP, but could probably do a good job beyond life as ghost president.
  14. Rob Lowe
    Literally the best out of the bunch. He was on the West Wing, so hopefully he leaned something there.