If you haven't seen it, it's on Hulu and it's one of my favorite sketch series. It's British and clever and wonderful. Also I promise these sketches are funnier than described.
  1. Numberwang!
    Numberwang is a made up game show with absurd rules with the same two contestants, which keeps escalating episode by episode.
  2. "Are we the baddies?"
    Two nazis question if they are the bad guys in the war. Such a good sketch.
  3. The one where they both play Sherlock and Watson in the same movie.
    Two actors with huge egos both want to play Sherlock, hence they end up switching nightly. When the movie version comes out, they switch during the move every few seconds.
  4. The Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar.
    The adventures of a drunk, homeless detective and his sidekick ginger.
  5. The writers who don't know how to write specific genres
    A few sketches throughout the series where Mitchell and Webb portray lazy writers who do not research the genre show they are writing, and the results which are trope filled fun.
  6. BMX Bandit and Angel Summoner
    A pair of unlikely superheroes in which Angel Summoner uses his powers most of the time, while the BMX bandit feels like he isn't pitching in enough.